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Certificates &
Lifetime Support

You buy ALO diamond jewelry for life. That is why we will be available to you in the coming years and decades to provide your jewelry with professional treatment.


Your luxury jewelry also deserves a luxurious treatment. That is why we offer you a lifelong service of jewelery purchased from us, their professional inspection and cleaning. Of course, there is also professional advice from our specially trained dealers.

The two-year warranty period is a matter of course. We will be happy to welcome you in our certified stores, where we will professionally inspect and clean your diamond jewelry. Regularly worn jewelry deserves such care about once a year.

ALO diamonds offers only jewelry of the highest quality, and therefore we offer and recommend the possibility of warranty and post-warranty service.

You can also use our service, where we will perform a basic jewelry inspection free of charge directly at the store and clean your ALO jewelry in an ultrasonic washing machine.

The complete information can be viewed in our Warranty Policy.


We will issue you a certificate of authenticity for each ALO diamond piece of jewelry, verified by a forensic expert.



Certificate of authenticity

This document is as important for a diamond as a birth certificate for a person or an entry in the real estate registry for a family house. It records the unique properties of the gemstone, size, color and other characteristics. The certificate also verifies that the diamond was obtained legally.



In addition, for diamonds weighing more than one carat, you will also receive a certificate of authenticity from an independent international gemological laboratory in the United States, G.I.A. - one of the most recognized gemological institutions in the world, HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant - Diamond Council), EGL USA (European Gemological Laboratory of the United States of America) or IGI (International Gemological Institute).