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How to choose an engagement ring

Our engagement rings let the beauty and sparkle of the diamonds and gemstones we carefully select at ALO Diamonds shine through. The finest quality diamonds, precision cut and original workmanship form designer engagement rings that are market leaders in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to its quality and workmanship, an ALO diamonds engagement ring is forever, just as a marriage vow should be.

Confirm your undying love with a diamond that is as pure and solid as your bond. Choosing an engagement ring starts with choosing the color of gold. White gold is currently the biggest classic, mainly because of its timelessness and versatility. It goes with everything and lets the sparkle of diamonds and gemstones stand out even more. Yellow gold, on the other hand, is a traditional choice with a context to previous generations, where it stood for the highest quality and prestige. If you're after an extravagant piece, opt for rose gold, which looks very feminine and romantic.

The biggest decision comes down to the choice of stone. Are you deciding between a gemstone or diamond engagement ring? Gemstones are not only distinguished by their dazzling color, they often have magical power and energy. If you decide on a gemstone, the choice is really wide and you can navigate by either the preferred colour or the prestige of the gemstone. The so-called Big Three are emerald, sapphire and ruby, while other very rare gems are tanzanite and paraiba. Along with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies are the hardest minerals, so they are resistant to scratching and destruction and the most suitable gemstones for engagement rings that are meant to last a lifetime with you.

The diamond is a classic for engagement rings, with clear diamonds being the most commonly encountered. They pride themselves on their clarity, durability, and also their so-called fire, or the reflection of light into brilliant to iridescent rays. For diamonds, the 4Cs are assessed: weight, colour, clarity and cut. You can read about choosing a diamond HERE. Clear diamonds are classic, but nature is powerful and creates rare colored diamonds as well. Some of the most valuable and rare are pink, red and blue diamonds.

An engagement ring can have only one central stone or a setting of multiple stones. There are many combinations and the shape of the stone and its cut also have a big influence on the appearance. Round central diamonds are the most sought after, possibly with a bezel set or setting of brilliant cut diamonds. For a more original look, you can choose an angular stone shape, drop, baguette cut, etc. You will surely choose from our varied offer.

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