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Product Care

ALO jewellery is made of gold, diamonds and precious stones. Still, it is good to remember that any jewel is a fragile art object that can be irreversibly damaged by unwanted handling.

Put jewellery away during sports and physical work. Avoid contact with hard and rough objects. Although diamond is the hardest mineral, it can crack when struck with great force at a certain angle. Other gemstones are not as durable and can scratch more easily.

Do not expose jewellery to extreme temperatures and protect it from household cleaners.

Put your jewellery away for the night. Each one should have its own place in a separate fabric-lined box (such as the one you purchased the jewelry in) or in a cloth bag in your jewelry box.

Visit us once a year to have your jewellery fully maintained and serviced, such as cleaning, polishing or refinishing, checking the setting of the stone or rhodium plating the white gold.