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Diamond ring Lucy

This 14ct white gold diamond ring is a masterpiece of craftsmanship. Its unique appearance and strong brilliance of diamonds express your success and timeless beauty. The jewelry is part of the Creoles collection.

An endless feeling of luxury embodied in the circular jewelry of the Creoles collection. Earrings and rings honor simple shapes, leaving all the attention to perfectly cut diamonds of various sizes. Clear and colored stones thus give rise to coordinated sets that can be supplemented and varied in various ways.

The ALO diamonds company has been producing jewelry from diamonds and precious stones in the Czech Republic for almost 30 years. Each piece of jewelry is therefore original and is also provided with a certificate of authenticity and delivered in a luxurious package. Whether you choose an engagement ring or a diamond bracelet or necklace, you are not only giving a piece of jewelry, but also a smart investment.

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    • luxury packaging and free shipping
    • certificate of Authenticity of Gemstones
    • possibility of return within 14 days of receipt
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14K gold
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10.35 g
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For more than two decades, we have made dedicated efforts to responsibly source the precious materials we use in our jewelry.

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